Encuentro Anual de Law & Society (1-4 de junio, 2023, Puerto Rico)


Reunión anual, esta vez en Puerto Rico.

En dicho evento hablaré sobre la comunicación atlántica del socialismo jurídico, con base en un escrito de mi autoría que se puede consultar aquí.

Información de mi ponencia:

Title: Social law and the communication of legal ideas in the Atlantic in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (emphasis in Latin-America).

Author: Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrés Botero-Bernal.

Abstract: This presentation seeks to expose how the ideas of social law circulated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries between Europe and Latin-America. To do this, this text shows, with some generalizations for reasons of space, the German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin American case, to make clear how this Atlantic communication of academic ideas and social rules operated. Furthermore, this paper aims to demonstrate that, although there was a global circulation of social ideas in law, it cannot be lost sight of how these ideas were received locally, in such a way that one cannot be studied without the other, an aspect that this article called “glocalization” of social law. Likewise, it will be exposed how communism became the main enemy of legal socialism. Also, as the main legal reforms in favor of the most disadvantaged were the product of legal socialists, who have been silenced in favor of privileging the actions of the communists.

Keywords: Social law, legal socialism, Marxism, Catholic social teaching.



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