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2018 Technology, Law & Society Summer Institute
UC Irvine, June 22-24, 2018

Changes in technology are revolutionizing the study and practice of law. A generation ago, law and social science (LSS) scholars outlined a new paradigm for legal scholarship, focusing on social, economic and political variables in the interpretation and execution of the law. Today, algorithmic processes, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and ubiquitous social and mobile computing pose new opportunities for the re-imagination of law and social science research, as well as new challenges for law.

The University of California, Irvine is pleased to host a 3-day Technology, Law & Society (TLS) Summer Institute that examines this critical juncture. Convened by Profs. Mona Lynch (Criminology, Law and Society) and Bill Maurer (Anthropology), the Institute will bring together junior scholars whose work addresses new relationships between technology, law and society (broadly defined) along with diverse experts from fields like sociology, criminology, anthropology, law, political science, informatics and computer science, and beyond.

Depending upon participants’ interests, we imagine generating conversations about a diverse range of topics including, to name just a few examples, the societal impacts of: the emergence of “bots” as tools in legal practice and advocacy; data mining practices in national security schemes; smart contracts and machine-executable legal code, and predictive analytics in crime forecasting and criminal sentencing determinations. Underpinning our discussion will be key themes: How does the discretion of legal actors operate, and get transformed, in technologized law? How do technological innovations, in legal operations and elsewhere in social life, reconfigure racial and other forms of bias, complicate jurisdiction, and pose new ethical challenges for research and the practice of law? How are public/private legal and social spheres complicated by technology, and how does digital space challenge laws bounded by geography/sovereignty?

Selected attendees will participate in a series of small and larger group activities including research workshops devoted to participants’ ongoing projects, cross-methods training, hands-on demonstrations of coding and technology-based innovations, and a concluding group activity such as a hack-a-thon or legal-bot design.

We invite applications from junior scholars from any field whose current research interests touch upon technology, law and society, especially law and computational technology, and who would benefit from participating in the TLS Summer Institute. Applicants should be graduate students who have advanced to candidacy or post-graduate scholars, including assistant professors, who received their doctoral degrees no earlier than 2013.

We will cover travel expenses to UC Irvine (up to $500), as well as lodging and meals for the duration of the Institute. Funding for the Institute is provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Law and Social Sciences program, and by the Schools of Social Science and Social Ecology at UCI.

Applicants will be evaluated based upon centrality of research interests to the Summer Institute’s mission, and quality of submitted research project description.

 Application Procedure:

Applicants should complete the online application form and submit a current CV and research project description of approximately 5 pages that specifically describes a current technology, law and society-related research project, including its current stage of development. All applications should be submitted through the application portal, accessible at:
The deadline to apply is March 15, 2018.

For more information about this initiative, go to For questions about the Institute or the application requirements, contact

Mona Lynch
Professor & Chancellor's Fellow
Criminology, Law & Society || School of Law (by courtesy)
University of California, Irvine

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